Slaves to Our Needs: Slaves to Our Nation?


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Becoming employed and working is imminent. The way we function is based off of our basic human needs: to sleep in a warm home, eat food, bathe and be socially acceptable, and defecate on a toilet in a warm place (no one likes a cold seat). It doesn’t take a genius to tell what your survival needs are, but the very essence of acquiring these needs could be further analyzed.

We live in a world where the need for acquiring money has become primal; to eat, we need money, to sleep, we need money, to poop, we need money. Our world is ran by money, and regardless of how stubborn and ignorant you are, you are a slave– you are a slave to yourself, and by this, a slave to your nation.

CNC held a job fair today, and by all means I was happy, and even looking for a job for myself, but when I spoke to the Student Union about signing a petition for affordable education, the idea of financial instability erupted in my brain and I started to question the essence of this burden. Where is my money going? Why do I need money? Who do I need it for? What for? Why am I still working at my current job?  What is the point of wasting so much time working in a place I don’t want to? Simple answer: I work to get an education, and do something better, but is this true? Sure, I’ll be working in a new environment, maybe some place better, but does that still change the very essence of work? This is where my questions came to a halt. We can complain about our work, quit if we want, but will that stop us from getting a new job or trying to obtain money? No, it won’t.

We NEED money to fulfill our biological needs, and survive first as individuals, but once someone of authority becomes harnessed with this notion, we as human beings become easily manipulated. The will to live and the stress from death, motivates us to work and complain. We complain about life, work, unfairness, and poor wages, but when it really comes down to it we still desperately need that money, and regardless of this unfairness, we still work.

Scientific constants like time, gravity, and pi, are constant because they all have interchangeable presence through multiple perspectives, and by means of applying truth to these subjects we use scientific method to prove our correctness and to come to a consensus by reason. If science can declare constant, can society? Is work a social constant? Does anyone think work is a need? That we are slaves to ourselves and slaves to our nation? Does anyone disagree or angry with the politically incorrectness of my reasoning? If so, answer these simple questions.



Unfortunately, several human beings need money, but what would the world be like without it?







Being Single Blows: Valentine’s Day


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Valentine’s day is a perfect time to exploit the love for your spouse. Maybe you are out for dinner, driving around, or —if you’re lucky— vacationing. Whatever it is, you go out of your way to share it with everyone. I get it, you have unconditional love that you’d like to share with all of the people that care about you enough to follow or add you on different platforms. But, on behalf of all single people, we’d like to sarcastically say thank you.

Being partner-less isn’t the worst possible thing for an individual, but it sure does suck. At work I watch people buy roses, chocolates,  and little teddy bears. Sometimes I think, aweh, you care about someone, but then I think about all the single people at the liquor store and how much money they are wasting in attempt to drink this day off. I just picture those people watching James Cameron’s “Titanic” yelling at Rose saying “Rose why can’t you just move over. Don’t let Jack freeze alone,” while they’re crying hysterically eating the biggest spoonful of ice cream known to mankind. These people are known as the heartbroken population; they’re single. They enjoy sad songs, long walks on the beach alone, sad movies, ice cream, their bed, and most of all, Valentine’s day. These people tend to suffer the most on this day. Unfortunately for them, their life isn’t over and they have plenty more years to suffer and cry over little things. They shouldn’t.

“Well that’s easy for you to say.”

It is easy to say, but it’s not easy to do. Turning pain into something good is impossible, but change is certainly better than dwelling on something that is absolute. This is the way of life; it likes to punch us in the throat. But regardless of all this pain, we are built to drink our milk rather than spill it. We drink our little things and accept that they’re a part of us before we can spill them.  Don’t cry over split milk. Be strong and move on!

The last type of  people are people like me: neutral. What do we do? We treat this day like a regular day. For me this day will consist of sitting at home studying, or playing video games. Maybe I’ll go to the gym if my zodiac sign instructs me to, but most of my time will be unintentionally invested in my evolved, manipulative, millennial trait; checking my phone. It’s more than liking going to happen, and the worst part is that it’s built into my involuntary somatic nervous system; it happens without me even knowing. Even if I wanted to ignore this day, my biology wouldn’t allow me to. So, do I suffer? This question is completely subjective. You can chose to hate this day, or you can use this day as a motivator. Regardless, be aware of your misconception; just because it sucks for you, it doesn’t for someone else. If you’re mad, you’re more than likely jealous, and if you’re annoyed, that seems to be your problem. This day is about love, and it exists everywhere. Being single sucks, but you’ll always be single if you don’t learn to appreciate the love that currently exists in your life. Don’t suffer; overcome. “See the world not as it is. but as it should be.” – Glee

Happy Valentine’s day!

J. J. Cheerful


Challenging the Notions of Your Own Beliefs

In the last two days, my psychology teacher, and philosophy teacher, have managed to disemble the highway to my innermost beliefs. They had me questioning everything in the first session! The worst part is that it was just the introductory lecture! I’m starting to believe that maybe I have an empty cave of oblivion strapped to the top of my body. Whatever was in it, my teachers managed to break it open and let everything pour out. It feels like any knowledge I was sure about, now has some form of uncertainty. Is anything we’ve ever been taught a fact? Or is it from our perspective as human beings? And have our motives induced our perspectives and the way we think? What is a fact, and what is an opinion? 

After a fantastic meal and a good night’s session of psychotherapy(sleep). I’ve come to conclude that everything is inconclusive. Seems crazy but really, everything has been through mankind’s perspective of sense. Perhaps another species sees differently than us or smells and hears differently. How do we know that our perspective is a universal correctness? Science is just facts that we’ve observed correctly to our interpretations, and with backing proof, we state a law: no longer a theory, but again this is only from what we are observing. I just have so many questions that need answers! 

I’m Not Materialistic! Gifts Mean More!

As a child I’ve always been guilty of wanting expensive toys for my own personal benefits and desires. Every Christmas I would always ask for the new DSI, a Playstation3, or maybe a new laptop; something of material value. I was taught, despite the gift, to be grateful of whatever I’ve been given, but as the youngest and most spoiled child in my family, I could always expect what I wanted without ever considering the financial burden of my wish list. Anything I’ve wanted was consistently expensive; I was a greedy kid. 

Over the last two years, I don’t think I’ve ever been so suseptible to change! Ive grown to disregard the material values (in moderation), and instead expose the sentimental values. Every gift has a price tag, but what determines the real price of the gift is the uniqueness and the thought; the correlation between the gifter and the giftee.

This year, during a hard semester of school, doing exactly what I thought I might like, my friends had bought me a gift for Christmas. A gift? Why? Despite instant misery from feeling obligated to returning the favour, I thought that instead of making this an “I own you” situation, I thought appreciation might be the reason for their efforts. They want a reaction, a social que; a positive consequence. My view of always valuing material prices; diminished. I cared about their sentiment more than ever; the price was irrelevant. Being in the “college state of mind” grew a new vulnerable person: a once socially inclined person became disiplined and isolated, optimism turned into madess manufactured by potential failure, and the idea of uniqueness became an invalid hypothesis; am I just an average human being? Their gift meant the world; it retored the healthy version of myself. After recieving a gift from them I realized that love can exist in friendship, that in the toughest times the greatest remedy is comfort, whether is be from friends, family, or even strangers. Comfort comes in all forms of matter, and one of those forms is a gift.

Gifts are exchanged to show appreciation; to remind someone that they mean something. Gifts represent purity, and despite any form of disconnection that has withered away a relationship, a gift can be the starting point to a resolution. Gifts have so many meanings, but the beauty of them lays in the meaning of whom gifted by. You need to find the reason behind each gift given to you, and in that, find the true connection between you and someone of great value. Gifts aren’t materialistic, gifts mean more! 

Anxiety at Its Finest : Midterms


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Right from the waking moment of Sunday morning you fear the upcoming events; it’s midterm week. Although it’s Church day, you’ve never felt more disconnected from god than on this dreadful day of anticipated suffrage. Inside, you just want to say “Fuck it,” become a drop out, and work your life away in a low to minimum wage job, but somehow, someway, you get off your ass and get your moneys worth of education.

I’ve discovered that staying up all night is the worst possible decision known to student-kind. Despite waking up with an irritable sense to face wash anyone that looks or speaks to you, sleep deprivation tends to significantly alter your memory bank. Just before a test, when you’re confident in your knowledge, all the information stored in that subject-specific savings account suddenly gets wiped. You have no explanation, but you’re pissed off because nothing can be recalled. What do you do? What can you do!

Test Anxiety is the nuisance that turns four years of school into eight. It’s also the biggest contributing factor to financial stress. Unfortunately, many students are diagnosed with test anxiety during the first few years of post-secondary school. I was one of lucky ones to receive such a gift. For those who are fortunate and have no problem with tests, good on you! For those like me, I’m here to suffer with you against this ceaseless, goal-stopping antagonist. There are several ways to treat this conflict: you can bargain, accept the facts, or most commonly, cry about it. Proven fact, crying during a test results in insufficient progress. I mean at least you can express your feelings well. Usually it feels impossible to succeed, but when it comes down to it, you’re just over reacting, and all that’s needed is a deep breath; a calm relaxing recall back to reality. Panicking is not recommended, but how do you NOT panic when everyone appears to be having no issues whatsoever with the test? From my experience I am 100% guilty of this “peer anxiety.” It’s the idea that everyone around you is doing well and for some reason you can’t even do the first question. It also doesn’t help when you hear the vigorous flipping of pages. This states that the test isn’t hard and everyone is flying through it. You find yourself destroying any forms of motivation which sparks a raging fire of uncertainty. This is usually when a unknown outer force from the dimension of “OMG I’m panicking” comes and punches you right in the gut. Afterwards, it grasps your stomach and rotates it like a dial to turn up the stress levels throughout your body. You become brick: everything tenses up. You can’t move or think and all numbers and letters start to have absolutely no meaning. The decoder for basic language: vanished, nothing is understandable. For some reason you make a bold and unforgiving decision to check the time. Did it help? Unlikely. Whatever your stress was at, it’s at least a trillion times worse because pressure, by the clock, is constantly compiling anxiety. What do you do? It’s to late, you have no choice but to accept that potential 50%. Although that test didn’t go as well as planned, try for the next one! It’s so difficult to figure out what might help you through that agonizing test, but its different for everyone. You can try copious amounts of relaxing drugs; hit the bong before your test, or maybe try doing do hardcore jumping jacks just before you write. Honestly finding the resolution for this problem is not easy, impossible even. For me, I just try to think of my happy place, (usually about lunch) and whether is takes me ten or thirty minutes to pull myself together, I’d rather be happy than experiencing unconditional episodes of test paralysis. So for your next test, maybe try dwelling on what food you’re craving, who knows, maybe food is the key to your knowledge bank too?

A Stray Student


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How often do you feel left out ? Here’s what I found out, after high-school you go to college and meet tons of people, you make friends that share all the same similarities as you; they’re struggling with keeping up in homework, they also hate that annoying prof, and most of the time they’re going through the same emotional break down you are, but when do you truly know that you’re fitting in ? Personally I’ve never felt I’ve ever fit it. I’m sure I’ve come across a time where I felt good about my friendships, but never have I ever felt that I was really apart of something. Maybe its because of the age discrepancy between my friends and I ; they’re older than me and I can’t go to the club or the bar because I’m under age. Maybe I express my feelings to strongly ? Maybe I’m way to self centered, or maybe I’m just a Stray Student ?

What defines a Stray Student? A Stray means someone lost, and a student is self explanatory. So essentially, a Stray Student is a lost student ? Precisely. A Stray Student is indecisive; they don’t know if their discipline is suitable for them. They question their learning capabilities and wonder why nothing makes sense, but with all of this confusion they question themselves; Am I just unwanted, an ass maybe? Is it because I’m egotistical or antisocial ? Am I an attention whore? Usually a Stray Student knows who they are, and subconsciously can disagree with every question they prompt themselves with. So why might they continuously degrade their confidence ? This is due to a self-conflicting demon that possesses the minds of these virgin students. His name is loneliness.

When isolated, emotions flourish though our system and whether our day was fantastic or downright terrible, it’s always simpler to express our feelings. Loneliness deprives sleep and robs us of our identity; it strips us down until we’re are naked, vulnerable, and self aware to an extreme perspective. It deteriorates our metal stability and leaves us out in the open to deal with constant waves of stress, and under all these conditions we’re expected to stand tall in a tsunami of emotion. How do we cure this? We give in. Every single Stray anointed with this entity always gives in. We allow this manifesting disease to manipulate and torture our most important humanistic trait: rationalism. We cannot explain why we don’t want to “go out tonight,” but we find every excuse to stay home and sob in our sorrows. We’re unaware; unaware of the wars on the earth, electing a roach for a president, and people who may have it worse than us; we are oblivious. For some unknown reason we begin to believe that universal concerns wield the same importance as our own personal concerns; we grow egocentric-ism. In this complex time of our lives, we diagnose our selves with depression. Only the “strong students” are capable of abolishing this stress; the ones who don’t self-loath. From drowning in our infectious thoughts, the resonating definition of a smart individual begins to further manipulate our conscience and we grow a doubt. A doubt that infiltrates our logic and convinces us that we aren’t good enough. “I don’t understand!” We manipulate our own thoughts and instead of trying, we give up. We stop believing in our selves, and start believing everyone else; “an academic knows the facts,” I don’t, therefore, I must be stupid. This notion continuously degrades our confidence and devours any form of motivation. We care so little, and whether our friends put effort into loving us we push them away. We believe the cure to loneliness is one of itself; we’re wrong. Life goes on whether you’re here or not, so take initiative and do yourself a favor, don’t try and cure loneliness with loneliness, it doesn’t work.