I’m an 18 year old college student in Prince George British Columbia. I began school as an engineering student and I feel like I’ve grow into an independent individual. Obviously there’s still  plenty of growth waiting to come, but as I become a more intelligent being and more intuitive, I really just want to document my innermost feelings. In high school life in simple and emotions don’t get to an extreme by which alter ones rationalism, but in College you’re constantly having to decide and change your mind based on whats in front of you. For me, I switched out of engineering because I’ve realized that it really isn’t for me, and this is a decision many other student may undergo now, maybe later on, or sometimes even never. These decisions are what make up a person, and from that, I just what to relate to the generations struggling through there educational progress, for I struggle as well. I seek to find relation with my viewers, because we’re not alone, and everyone is experiencing similar changes.


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