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How often do you feel left out ? Here’s what I found out, after high-school you go to college and meet tons of people, you make friends that share all the same similarities as you; they’re struggling with keeping up in homework, they also hate that annoying prof, and most of the time they’re going through the same emotional break down you are, but when do you truly know that you’re fitting in ? Personally I’ve never felt I’ve ever fit it. I’m sure I’ve come across a time where I felt good about my friendships, but never have I ever felt that I was really apart of something. Maybe its because of the age discrepancy between my friends and I ; they’re older than me and I can’t go to the club or the bar because I’m under age. Maybe I express my feelings to strongly ? Maybe I’m way to self centered, or maybe I’m just a Stray Student ?

What defines a Stray Student? A Stray means someone lost, and a student is self explanatory. So essentially, a Stray Student is a lost student ? Precisely. A Stray Student is indecisive; they don’t know if their discipline is suitable for them. They question their learning capabilities and wonder why nothing makes sense, but with all of this confusion they question themselves; Am I just unwanted, an ass maybe? Is it because I’m egotistical or antisocial ? Am I an attention whore? Usually a Stray Student knows who they are, and subconsciously can disagree with every question they prompt themselves with. So why might they continuously degrade their confidence ? This is due to a self-conflicting demon that possesses the minds of these virgin students. His name is loneliness.

When isolated, emotions flourish though our system and whether our day was fantastic or downright terrible, it’s always simpler to express our feelings. Loneliness deprives sleep and robs us of our identity; it strips us down until we’re are naked, vulnerable, and self aware to an extreme perspective. It deteriorates our metal stability and leaves us out in the open to deal with constant waves of stress, and under all these conditions we’re expected to stand tall in a tsunami of emotion. How do we cure this? We give in. Every single Stray anointed with this entity always gives in. We allow this manifesting disease to manipulate and torture our most important humanistic trait: rationalism. We cannot explain why we don’t want to “go out tonight,” but we find every excuse to stay home and sob in our sorrows. We’re unaware; unaware of the wars on the earth, electing a roach for a president, and people who may have it worse than us; we are oblivious. For some unknown reason we begin to believe that universal concerns wield the same importance as our own personal concerns; we grow egocentric-ism. In this complex time of our lives, we diagnose our selves with depression. Only the “strong students” are capable of abolishing this stress; the ones who don’t self-loath. From drowning in our infectious thoughts, the resonating definition¬†of a smart individual begins to further manipulate our conscience and we grow a doubt. A doubt that infiltrates our logic and convinces us that we aren’t good enough. “I don’t understand!” We manipulate our own thoughts and instead of trying, we give up. We stop believing in our selves, and start believing everyone else; “an academic knows the facts,” I don’t, therefore, I must be stupid. This notion continuously degrades our confidence and devours any form of motivation. We care so little, and whether our friends put effort into loving us we push them away. We believe the cure to loneliness is one of itself; we’re wrong. Life goes on whether you’re here or not, so take initiative and do yourself a favor, don’t try and cure loneliness with loneliness, it doesn’t work.