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Becoming employed and working is imminent. The way we function is based off of our basic human needs: to sleep in a warm home, eat food, bathe and be socially acceptable, and defecate on a toilet in a warm place (no one likes a cold seat). It doesn’t take a genius to tell what your survival needs are, but the very essence of acquiring these needs could be further analyzed.

We live in a world where the need for acquiring money has become primal; to eat, we need money, to sleep, we need money, to poop, we need money. Our world is ran by money, and regardless of how stubborn and ignorant you are, you are a slave– you are a slave to yourself, and by this, a slave to your nation.

CNC held a job fair today, and by all means I was happy, and even looking for a job for myself, but when I spoke to the Student Union about signing a petition for affordable education, the idea of financial instability erupted in my brain and I started to question the essence of this burden. Where is my money going? Why do I need money? Who do I need it for? What for? Why am I still working at my current job?  What is the point of wasting so much time working in a place I don’t want to? Simple answer: I work to get an education, and do something better, but is this true? Sure, I’ll be working in a new environment, maybe some place better, but does that still change the very essence of work? This is where my questions came to a halt. We can complain about our work, quit if we want, but will that stop us from getting a new job or trying to obtain money? No, it won’t.

We NEED money to fulfill our biological needs, and survive first as individuals, but once someone of authority becomes harnessed with this notion, we as human beings become easily manipulated. The will to live and the stress from death, motivates us to work and complain. We complain about life, work, unfairness, and poor wages, but when it really comes down to it we still desperately need that money, and regardless of this unfairness, we still work.

Scientific constants like time, gravity, and pi, are constant because they all have interchangeable presence through multiple perspectives, and by means of applying truth to these subjects we use scientific method to prove our correctness and to come to a consensus by reason. If science can declare constant, can society? Is work a social constant? Does anyone think work is a need? That we are slaves to ourselves and slaves to our nation? Does anyone disagree or angry with the politically incorrectness of my reasoning? If so, answer these simple questions.



Unfortunately, several human beings need money, but what would the world be like without it?