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Valentine’s day is a perfect time to exploit the love for your spouse. Maybe you are out for dinner, driving around, or —if you’re lucky— vacationing. Whatever it is, you go out of your way to share it with everyone. I get it, you have unconditional love that you’d like to share with all of the people that care about you enough to follow or add you on different platforms. But, on behalf of all single people, we’d like to sarcastically say thank you.

Being partner-less isn’t the worst possible thing for an individual, but it sure does suck. At work I watch people buy roses, chocolates,  and little teddy bears. Sometimes I think, aweh, you care about someone, but then I think about all the single people at the liquor store and how much money they are wasting in attempt to drink this day off. I just picture those people watching James Cameron’s “Titanic” yelling at Rose saying “Rose why can’t you just move over. Don’t let Jack freeze alone,” while they’re crying hysterically eating the biggest spoonful of ice cream known to mankind. These people are known as the heartbroken population; they’re single. They enjoy sad songs, long walks on the beach alone, sad movies, ice cream, their bed, and most of all, Valentine’s day. These people tend to suffer the most on this day. Unfortunately for them, their life isn’t over and they have plenty more years to suffer and cry over little things. They shouldn’t.

“Well that’s easy for you to say.”

It is easy to say, but it’s not easy to do. Turning pain into something good is impossible, but change is certainly better than dwelling on something that is absolute. This is the way of life; it likes to punch us in the throat. But regardless of all this pain, we are built to drink our milk rather than spill it. We drink our little things and accept that they’re a part of us before we can spill them.  Don’t cry over split milk. Be strong and move on!

The last type of  people are people like me: neutral. What do we do? We treat this day like a regular day. For me this day will consist of sitting at home studying, or playing video games. Maybe I’ll go to the gym if my zodiac sign instructs me to, but most of my time will be unintentionally invested in my evolved, manipulative, millennial trait; checking my phone. It’s more than liking going to happen, and the worst part is that it’s built into my involuntary somatic nervous system; it happens without me even knowing. Even if I wanted to ignore this day, my biology wouldn’t allow me to. So, do I suffer? This question is completely subjective. You can chose to hate this day, or you can use this day as a motivator. Regardless, be aware of your misconception; just because it sucks for you, it doesn’t for someone else. If you’re mad, you’re more than likely jealous, and if you’re annoyed, that seems to be your problem. This day is about love, and it exists everywhere. Being single sucks, but you’ll always be single if you don’t learn to appreciate the love that currently exists in your life. Don’t suffer; overcome. “See the world not as it is. but as it should be.” – Glee

Happy Valentine’s day!

J. J. Cheerful