As a child I’ve always been guilty of wanting expensive toys for my own personal benefits and desires. Every Christmas I would always ask for the new DSI, a Playstation3, or maybe a new laptop; something of material value. I was taught, despite the gift, to be grateful of whatever I’ve been given, but as the youngest and most spoiled child in my family, I could always expect what I wanted without ever considering the financial burden of my wish list. Anything I’ve wanted was consistently expensive; I was a greedy kid. 

Over the last two years, I don’t think I’ve ever been so suseptible to change! Ive grown to disregard the material values (in moderation), and instead expose the sentimental values. Every gift has a price tag, but what determines the real price of the gift is the uniqueness and the thought; the correlation between the gifter and the giftee.

This year, during a hard semester of school, doing exactly what I thought I might like, my friends had bought me a gift for Christmas. A gift? Why? Despite instant misery from feeling obligated to returning the favour, I thought that instead of making this an “I own you” situation, I thought appreciation might be the reason for their efforts. They want a reaction, a social que; a positive consequence. My view of always valuing material prices; diminished. I cared about their sentiment more than ever; the price was irrelevant. Being in the “college state of mind” grew a new vulnerable person: a once socially inclined person became disiplined and isolated, optimism turned into madess manufactured by potential failure, and the idea of uniqueness became an invalid hypothesis; am I just an average human being? Their gift meant the world; it retored the healthy version of myself. After recieving a gift from them I realized that love can exist in friendship, that in the toughest times the greatest remedy is comfort, whether is be from friends, family, or even strangers. Comfort comes in all forms of matter, and one of those forms is a gift.

Gifts are exchanged to show appreciation; to remind someone that they mean something. Gifts represent purity, and despite any form of disconnection that has withered away a relationship, a gift can be the starting point to a resolution. Gifts have so many meanings, but the beauty of them lays in the meaning of whom gifted by. You need to find the reason behind each gift given to you, and in that, find the true connection between you and someone of great value. Gifts aren’t materialistic, gifts mean more!