In the last two days, my psychology teacher, and philosophy teacher, have managed to disemble the highway to my innermost beliefs. They had me questioning everything in the first session! The worst part is that it was just the introductory lecture! I’m starting to believe that maybe I have an empty cave of oblivion strapped to the top of my body. Whatever was in it, my teachers managed to break it open and let everything pour out. It feels like any knowledge I was sure about, now has some form of uncertainty. Is anything we’ve ever been taught a fact? Or is it from our perspective as human beings? And have our motives induced our perspectives and the way we think? What is a fact, and what is an opinion? 

After a fantastic meal and a good night’s session of psychotherapy(sleep). I’ve come to conclude that everything is inconclusive. Seems crazy but really, everything has been through mankind’s perspective of sense. Perhaps another species sees differently than us or smells and hears differently. How do we know that our perspective is a universal correctness? Science is just facts that we’ve observed correctly to our interpretations, and with backing proof, we state a law: no longer a theory, but again this is only from what we are observing. I just have so many questions that need answers!